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Welcome to lakeFS-spec, a filesystem-spec backend implementation for the lakeFS data lake. Our primary goal is to streamline versioned data operations in lakeFS, enabling seamless integration with popular data science tools such as Pandas, Polars, and DuckDB directly from Python.


  • Simple repository operations in lakeFS
  • Easy access to underlying storage and versioning operations
  • Seamless integration with the fsspec ecosystem
  • Directly access lakeFS objects from popular data science libraries (including Pandas, Polars, DuckDB, Hugging Face Datasets, PyArrow) with minimal code
  • Transaction support for reliable data version control
  • Smart data transfers through client-side caching (up-/download)
  • Auto-discovery configuration

Early Adopters

We are seeking early adopters who would like to actively participate in our feedback process and shape the future of the library. If you are interested in using the library and want to get in touch with us, please reach out via Github Discussions.